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Looking at Remembrance Sunday & British Ceremony

Nobody can do ceremony like the British ~ The Importance of Correct Attire ~ The Lord’s Prayer

Nobody does ceremony like the British

You may call it our stiff upper lip or just our quaint and quirky ways but, there is one thing that Britain can still do, and do unlike any other country and that’s pomp and circumstance.

50 world leaders gathered in France for their remembrance service, and as they walked towards the Arc de Triomphe, they all seemed a bit of a jumble, a little messy and disordered. Now, compare that to our service, where, not only was it timed to perfection, with only seconds to spare, but everyone was in near perfect step, in the right place at the right time and the absolute definition of orderly & respectful. A very nice touch was allowing the German President to such an important part of the service. It gave the service a grand sense of respect and honour for those who made the ultimate sacrifice for their country. Whatever the service may be, we are still world leaders in the art of ceremony.

The importance of Correct Attire for the Occasion

While everyone else had dressed smartly, and rather more appropriately for the service, Jeremy Corbyn let himself down terribly. The only one of us to be wearing a jacket that made him look like he had just stepped out to go down the pub and grab a pint of milk on the way back. 

It isn’t hard to have at least one good formal overcoat or jacket for just such occasions, and you may find our range suitable. But, whether you buy from MGVT or elsewhere one may consider it a most valuable investment. Not only will it show you have honour and respect, but it will make others respect you. There exists no other item of clothing that can eminently elevate you and confer upon you the respect of others.

“There is a man who cares” rather than “He looks like he hasn’t bothered.” irrespective of whether you feel comfortable in formal wear – one must have a sense of honour about himself, if he wants to be treated in kind.

The lord’s Prayer & the BBC

Even if one is not particularly religious, many of the men who fought in the World War’s were – or indeed became so to help them through their ordeal. It is, therefore, respectful to say the Lord’s Prayer for all those who made the ultimate sacrifice.

This is where the BBC were grossly wrong for substituting such an important moment during the Royal British Legion’s annual Festival of Remembrance, with a choir, who ‘sang’ it and sang it rather out of step with the rest of the service. Not only could the audience in the Royal Albert hall not join in, neither could anyone watching at home, instead, everyone was reduced to watching a quite sensationalised, loud musical version. It shows that important things like this, need to be carefully considered, something that is hugely important to MGVT and the services & products we provide to our members.

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How would you teach your kids the value of money & Christmas?

How to Create an account on MGVT for Kids & Teens for Christmas.

It’s rather easy to help your kids enjoy one of the best aspects of Christmas while helping them gain confidence with money. When you purchase their initial gift card (which they can then use as their own ‘virtual eCard’)- you can then use the unique ID code to top up the balance on the card. They are then free to browse our global range of products to buy their gifts this Christmas, all with the support and advice of their MGVT account manager.

Be sure to create an account for them, so they don’t miss out on their personalised help with managing their money, gift selection and advice from their own dedicated account manager. This support will also continue after Christmas throughout the lifetime of the account. Helping them gain confidence with money, avoidance of emotional spending which can lead to debt, and something that MGVT are experts at – the art of good purchasing.

Teaching the art of good purchasing.

It’s not always the case that frugally saving money is better, as money that’s forever sat in a bank helps nobody other than the bankers. True financial power comes from being a good purchaser. From buying at the right time for now and the future, to buying at the right price for the right quality and service. This includes sales, especially Black Friday sales which often lead to particularly bad buys, as they play on the emotion and the idea that what you are buying is a good deal because its in a sale (there are many, many bad deals during Black Friday on other retailers sites).

With MGVT their account manager can personally guide them, instilling a confidence with money that comes from becoming a good purchaser.

Let your kids buy gifts for their loved ones and enable your 8-18 year old to enjoy a new experience and confidence with money this Christmas.

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The Company’s Rather Brilliant Used Items (MGVT Eco)

The rate of waste in the modern world is terrifying, we have a great aversion to waste in general, and, one of the more impressive ways we want to tackle our own waste and that of the world, is in providing a way for the therapeutic and mentally satisfying activity of decluttering. We give out vouchers to reward those that join in, and sell the quality items to those of us that want them, some items are deemed inferior to our quality standards and given to local charity shops. We reserve only the best for our customers – so no ‘used acceptable’ items, just excellent conditions. Below are some of the best items we have at the moment:


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