A new lifestyle company based in Manchester, Great Britain. We don’t sell as many items as Amazon, we are only interested in providing a curated selection of products, based on great customer feedback, innovation and good manufacturer ethics.



Providing Everything that makes life Pleasant.

A Family company with British Heritage

Created in Manchester, with its rich history of innovation, from the first computer to the first commercial use of the railway. MGVT is the spirirual successor to the first stores opened in London by William & Lillian Tyson over 100 years ago, we continue their excellence in shopkeeping and carry on the spirit of British invention, design and romance.

Products from around the world, to provide comfortable homes, nice things and healthy recreation.

We care about the quality and value of the clothes you wear and the things you use everyday. We aim to provide you with everything that makes life pleasant, from healthy recreation to nice things. Whether we use traditional methods or using advanced technology. We only sell items that we believe are of the highest standard and meets this mission. All while keeping energy and distribution usage down, to take care of this green and pleasant land.

Delivery & Packaging

We do charge slightly more for delivery than you may be used to. It is our intention to help people cut emotional spending, and plan their shopping so they make as few deliveries as possible.

We also reuse boxes whenever we can, so you may see branding for some of our rivals – we use any box we can that is given to us! We hope in this way to cut down on the production and waste of unnecessary boxes. We do plan one day to devise are new, rather ingenious solution.


Continuing our aim to reduce pollution and waste, we provide a variety of environmentally friendly ways to handle unwanted items, and we reward our members for choosing them.


provide Everything That Makes Life Pleasant.

Including everything to make a comfortable home, nice things and healthy recreation.

make the ideal company

For centuries, the word of an englishman has been as good as his bond, and so it is true for mgvt today – our mascot is the proud English Gentleman.

build a nation of shopkeepers.

Build a new nation of proud shopkeepers with close ties to the community, who will keep ideal FAMILY STRUCTURES & VALUES.

move forward

Use business and invention to address today’s concerns and move humanity forward.

Be the Custodians of our inheritence

Protect and conserve our nation. By promoting the end of single use plastics and other fine causes

Build RElationships

Help foster new trade with the worlds most worthy nations. For mutual progression.