Casting Call

MGVT is expanding into media  with original sports, education & entertainment programming. Starting with several web series.

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You can join us on this pioneering adventure, no experience is needed, just an adventurous spirit, an open mind and a love of acting, sports or journalism to join us on our exciting journey.

To apply just fill out the form, including a fully body image, unedited, no portfolio shots taken by studios please -these will be ignored. The best ones to send are taken naturally with your smartphone!  We will be in touch with the roles we have open for you, then we will begin your preparation for the role.

Currently we are accepting women age 18-65 who buy sizes x-small to medium. We are also accepting smaller women who’s height is less than 4′ 10. No experience is needed, however you must have a website or social media (Instagram, Twitter. etc.) page with images of yourself.

We are actively looking for women interested in one the following:

Football & Sport
News & Current Events

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