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Christmas Shopping Guide for MGVT

Christmas Shopping with MGVT+

With MGVT+ you can get Same Day Delivery where available or next day delivery. Which means you could buy last minute presents even on Christmas Eve. Your MGVT+ courier will be in contact with you via mobile to arrange a time that suits you, so you don’t need to wait in, also, you could have your item delivered to your office etc. For next day delivery we choose either before 9am or 1pm, we will text you asking which one you would prefer.

Keep your Christmas Shopping Private with MGVT Premier

Shop with MGVT Premier and keep your shopping history off your credit or debit account. You can even get helpful Christmas Gift ideas from your account manager. Your account manager can also guide teens & kids to smarter gift buying.

MGVT Christmas Gift Cards

Save time & money buy buying an MGVT Christmas Gift Card this year. You get a free Greetings card and free postage anywhere within the UK. You also have the option to send very last minute eGift Cards right up to 10pm on Christmas Eve for delivery on Christmas Day, Just add #cday to your notes area!

We do hope you continue to enjoy shopping with MGVT

Featured Items with Same Day Delivery

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Website Updates

Continuing our efforts to improve our customers experience of the site we have made the following improvements:

  • We went on a bug hunt – which should mean a better, faster and smoother experience on MGVT
  • We have banned all Facebook, Bing and Google tracking. This not only protects your data but also speeds up the site!
  • Minor improvements to navigation including the introduction of our new gift card range
  • Successful launch of MGVT Premier
  • Added Multi Currency support – pay in your preferred currency!
  • We added PayPal as a payment option for those with a PayPal account
  • We have increased the number of products made in England
  • Stability improvements: if you were wondering if this site could get any more stable well – is now even more stable than before!

We hope you continue to enjoy shopping on

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The Company’s Rather Brilliant Used Items (MGVT Eco)

The rate of waste in the modern world is terrifying, we have a great aversion to waste in general, and, one of the more impressive ways we want to tackle our own waste and that of the world, is in providing a way for the therapeutic and mentally satisfying activity of decluttering. We give out vouchers to reward those that join in, and sell the quality items to those of us that want them, some items are deemed inferior to our quality standards and given to local charity shops. We reserve only the best for our customers – so no ‘used acceptable’ items, just excellent conditions. Below are some of the best items we have at the moment:


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Today’s Most Popular Items

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Introducing Sketches

We are rather pleased to introduce something most interesting for our loyal customers: MGVT Sketches.

MGVT Sketches is a revival of the popular genre invented in the 16th century in England. A sketch story, literary sketch or simply sketch, is a piece of writing that is generally shorter than a regular book. The genre was invented as a result of increasing public interest in realistic depictions of “exotic” locales. The term was most popularly used in the late nineteenth century. As a literary work, it is also often referred to simply as a sketch, and is mainly descriptive, e.g.. of places (travel sketch) or of people (character sketch).

In the nineteenth century, sketch stories were frequently published in magazines, before falling out of favour. Such stories may focus on individual moments, leaving the reader to imagine for themselves the events that led to this occasion, and to wonder what events will follow.
Writers from Sherwood Anderson to John Updike used this form, often as a hybrid. In short, a sketch story aims at “suggestiveness rather than explicitness”.

MGVT Sketches are also Inspired by Alfred Harmsworth’s Halfpenny Marvels, story papers with a focused theme and defined length – usually 40,000 words, and with the same focus on providing “pure, healthy literature”.

MGVT Sketches are just perfect for:

  • Bedtime reading. Where long novels may disrupt sleep, MGVT Sketches are just the right length to provide light entertainment.
  • The daily commute. You could read a new story, discover a new place or learn something most interesting each day of the working week.
  • Travelling. Read a travel sketch of far away locations, all the while not becoming too lost in a novel that you miss the many wonders happening around you. The brevity and suggestive nature of MGVT sketches make them a travellers best friend.
  • Anytime!

Look forward to discovering a rich new genre as we revive old classics and create new ones!

Please take a look at some of the latest MGVT Sketches.

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Website Updates

Website Updates

Bitcoin Payment

We've added Bitcoin as a payment option via Bitpay. Now you can spend those hard earned bitcoins on your favourite products @ MGVT UK

Store & Gift Cards

We have added an option in the main menu to easily top up your vStore card or Gift Card. Great for saving for Christmas and Birthdays etc.


Design improvements to make your experience easier, better and more productive. As well as laying the ground work for something truly special...

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This Month’s Great Buys

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