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From comfortable homes, nice things and healthy recreation.

Building A Nation of Shopkeepers

Set up a Shopkeeper account with us today and let us help you reach new customers.

Selling on other marketplace platforms can be more hard work than making your product itself. You can get drowned out by all the other, more established sellers. While MGVT actively promotes your products & encourages people to buy them when they buy other products in the store. Meaning you can concentrate on doing the thing you love most and watching your business grow.

Creating your own store also brings its own downfalls. It is in many ways even harder to get attention among all the other stores, plus you have to manage the administration of your site and more, which all the while eats into the time that could be spent making and selling your product. Unlike other major ecommerce sites, which have been known to withhold  peoples funds for random checks,- causing many people to default with suppliers effectively putting them out of business- once you are accepted as a Shopkeeper, then your journey with MGVT begins with little hassle and prompt payments.

Make, sell & grow


  • Concentrate on making your products the best
  • We take care of marketing & Customer Service
  • You are protected from fraud & chargebacks

Your Own Store

  • Set Up, Build & Maintain your eCommerce site
  • You deal with all the Marketing & Customer Service
  • You deal with Merchant Chargebacks, Refunds etc.

The MGVT Way


Including email, search & media advertising

Customer Service

Our customer service is second to none. We offer truly unique & personalised customer service adn many of our items can be delivered the same day

Viral Content

We are developing new content for our customers to enjoy across social media including Youtube


Building a new nation of shopkeepers

MGVT+ is an exciting new service bringing great products from your local high street straight to your door. (Beta – Manchester ONLY)

Benefits to Businesses

  • Help your customers get their items sooner
  • Drive more sales
  • Benefit from our Marketing & Entertainment efforts
  • No need to worry about Post & Packaging
  • Compete with large online corporations such as Amazon
  • No monthly fees


Our site is fully responsive, fast and well designed


We handle the marketing so you don't have to

secure System

Protected from spam, chargebacks and more


We fully support you to help you make and grow

Simple Selling Options


We List for You

You send us a sample item along with details about it. Then we take images and list on our site

Your Item is Bought

As your item will automatically be included on our front page, when a customer orders your item we notify you to dispatch to the customers address

You get Paid

We pay you your earnings in a prompt and hassle free manner. You can even choose gift vouchers.


Set up

Set up an eBid store and upload any images and descriptions you want us to use. We then use this to set up your item on MGVT

Your Item is Bought

When a customer orders your item we will purchase it from your eBid store, which you then send to the address provided.

You get Paid

As it is through your own online store, you get paid immediately. While we handle marketing & customer service.


17% Referral Fee

This goes to the contribution in the advertising of your product, including video and images plus the costs of maintaining the website and all admin associated with your item.

3% + 50p Transaction fee

This covers all the costs associated with billing, it also provides insurance against chargebacks etc.


We will deduct VAT on the combined referral and transaction fees.

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